Moonlight is a Luna-based interactive viewer for EDF signal and annotations, specifically designed for polysomnographic data.
As well as visualization, Moonlight supports basic analyses and manipulation of sleep signals, a range of summary statistics and
hypnogram-based analyses including automated staging.

For brief tour visit

The AWS-hosted instance only supports 15 concurrent connections. If you see the message:
Cannot create container: all allocated ports are currently in use.
Please try again later or run Moonlight locally (see below). If the problem persists, contact

Running Moonlight locally (via Docker)

Moonlight is also distributed as a containerizedĀ application that can be run locally using Docker.
Once you have Docker Desktop installed, first pull the moonlight image from Dockerhub:
docker pull remnrem/moonlight

To run moonlight:
docker run -it --rm -p 3838:3838 remnrem/moonlight
and use your browser to visit:



Hypnoscope is a tool for viewing hypnograms. See [this page] for more details.